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Welcome to Communicate With Friends Greeting Cards! 


My name is Steph Jones and I am an Australian/New Zealand duel citizen professional photographer living in Sydney, Australia.

I completed my professional photography training with the New York Institute of Photography, graduating in 2001. 

I would like to introduce you to my two fledgling greeting card ranges.

The first I call 'The Classic Range'. They are traditionally known flowers the world over, and which I love and am adding gradually to them.

The other is the Australasian Range of Flowers which I am currently having a very exciting time getting to know and photograph.

My mission is to bring our native flowers to our attention so we can get to know them and love them as they deserve to be.

I am inspired by the beautiful Sydney gardens. Most especially our native flowers in gay array at this time of the year.

I began sharing my love of flowers by making handmade greeting cards in 2013.

Lucy of Lucy’s Florist in Summerhill was the first person to give me the opportunity to offer my cards for purchase by her long established clientele. Thank you Lucy.

During the initial stages I searched to find the most most loved images by her clientele.
In addition, I researched sources for quality materials, printing and substantial envelopes to accompany and do justice to our native flowers.

You will really feel the luxurious tactile quality of the materials when sharing these images with family, friends and important associates.

My goal is to stimulate more tactile correspondence, to share our thoughts and feelings with others.

To contribute to the connecting with friends.
To help make new important contacts.
To celebrate the beauty of our floral landscape.
To celebrate the native flowers of our lands.

I welcome you to my website, and invite you to join me on my journey.

I hope to make your communications with your friends even more pleasurable, with my floral cards.

Hope you have a very satisfying 2016 and get into communication with me if you wish.

Steph Jones

ABN 75 740 208 472



Communicate With Friends