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Let’s make 2016 a year to stay in touch and communicate with our friends. Let’s celebrate our relationships. Making that little bit of time to honour our friends gives joy, and in return will enhance our lives also with the increased love and understanding.

Share our feelings and ideas with our friends.

Tell a friend you love them.

Let friends know they are important.

Share long term goals.

Share amusing thoughts and feelings.

Contact people who are important to our future.

It can be hard sometimes to express our feelings, but I hope that these beautiful flowers will encourage you to try...

to express the words "I love you"...


loss of a loved one

I care...

I saw this gorgeous flower...

it's time we had a coffee...

let's celebrate this with our families...


I remembered it's your birthday my friend...

there are so many occasions which are a fabulous excuse to get stay in touch with our friends and families

when do you send a card?

have a wonderful 2016 and we look forward to helping you communicate with friends

stop by again for a cuppa and a chat

best wishes for a wonderful 2016 friend

Communicate With Friends Team